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Sports Arbitrage Explained

Want some of this?

The system is based on one fundamental principle: you place bets on sporting events that have a limited number of outcomes. What's that you say? Betting? How can that give a guaranteed's one of the riskiest investments out there, and it can have huge returns, but also huge losses! That's the total opposite of what you just said!

Yes, that's what you'd think. Until now. But what we are going to explain to you is a process known as sports betting arbitrage. In plain English, this means that you place a series of bets that mean that you cannot lose. How can this be?

Basically, you place a bet on every outcome of a sporting event. As an example, letís look at a horse race. Letís say that there are two horses in a race, you bet on both of the horses. This means that whatever horse wins, you get some money back. You could do this with any race that ever occurs, but you would think that you would always lose money. However, with a sports bet arbitrage, it is in fact the case that, due to the bet that you place, you are always going to make a profit whatever the outcome. Guaranteed! Sounds good, doesn't it!

Let's put some figures in to that example:

Horse A at 10/1 (10 pounds back for every 1 pound staked, + stake)

Horse B at 5/1 (5 pounds back for every 1 pound staked, + stake)

Here, if you put an equal sized bet on each horse, for instance 10 pounds on each horse, you can see that your total outlay is 10 + 10 = 20 pounds. And the minimum return you get is 10x5 + 10 = 60 pounds. And that's the worst possible outcome. Whatever happens you make money.

Of course this is just an illustration... we have never seen a bet that is as blatant as this in its return and it is unlikely to ever occur unless someone makes a huge mistake (but keep your eyes out!!!). However, such bets with more modest returns do exist, and this is where you will make your guaranteed return, where you can earn the annual interest on your savings account in a week or perhaps a day!

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