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Business Advertiser's Bible

You can Increase the Response to this ad Two, Three or Four times, by making just a few simple changes. It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it - which often gets the best results! The Less you pay for your ad and ad space, the more Profit you will make. This is the - The Business Advertiser's Bible shows you how!

Good Copywriters like to charge hundreds of £/$s per hour to provide such great money-saving advice; which I, as a Freelance Copywriter has always considered to be too much.

Now, you can learn how to compose your own Great Response-Pulling Headlines & Ads, for Less than the cost of a standard ad insert.

Writing good, (or great) adverts is an Art, which can be learned - quickly enabling you to easily Double or Triple the usual response to your advertising promotions, time and time again, by simply following & applying a few simple, proven, time-tested and very effective good copywriting & ad placing rules.

This will immediately give you that important competitive Business 'edge' over your business rivals, which will almost Guarantee Success for your business.

Successful Mail Order Advertisers, naturally, like to keep these special ad-writing and ad-space buying techniques to themselves, which is why these special ad writing/ placing techniques are not usually available to the general public.

I believe that everyone should be given the same chances of succeeding in business. 'Freedom of Information' should mean just that - access to information.

It is only when you have actually read about, and applied these special writing & ad-placing techniques that you will realise that most adverts, written & displayed today (and before then) are complete rubbish! No 'Benefits' to the ad reader are mentioned, and no reason for the reader to buy the advertised product. Vitally important things like this are nearly always missed out of usual advertising. Note: 'Amusing' ads, rarely sell, they're really bad & waste your money!

You can apply these same, simple money-saving techniques, time and time again, for all your future advertising, at no extra cost to you.. Works wonders for your Internet advertising as well - at no extra cost!

Save yourself a small fortune - Buy your Business Advertiserís Bible - Now!

Do enjoy the e-book and we hope that it brings you much success!

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