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Buying our E-books is easy. Whether it's a guide to arbitrage sports, or jib interview technique, we can help. Our collection is growing all the time, so if you don't see something that you're interested in below, be sure to check back frequently!

Make Money from Google Adsense

This fantastic new guide tells you all you need to do to make money from Google Adsense - learn how to boost your income in a few, simple steps, and make enough money to pay for a luxury holiday or to cover your mortgage payments. This guide is truly unmissable and can turn your hobby website into a big money spinner.

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Arbitrage Sports Betting Guide

This guide give detailed information on Sports Bet Arbitraging - that is, a method of betting that means that whatever the outcome, you are guaranteed to profit! Click here for more information.

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How to pass exams: exam and memory technique

This guide gives you detailed information on all the essentials of flying through exams: what to revise, how to revise, techniques for remembering information easily and so much more. Written by someone who got straight A's in all their exams, this guide contains all the things you really need to know to pass any exams easily! Click here for more information

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Get your dream job
Detailed expert guide covering: where to look for the job, the covering letter, write a knockout CV, interview preparation, great interview techniques, popular interview questions, and what to do after the interview.

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Make money on computer

This fascinating EBook lists lots of ways in which you can make money from your computer. Yes, a computer doesn't just have to a fun hobby or a way of accessing the can also easily help you make some money. This collection of proven business ideas is bound to feature something you are interested in. Click for more information

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100 Acronyms for Work Survival

This hilarious eBook contains 100 funny acronyms to describe all the situations you are likely to encounter and make that daily grind just a little bit more bearable!

Do you know an ARSE at work? That is an Arrogant Rich Sarcastic Executive? Or perhaps your boss makes you do all the work because he or she is CRAFTy - that's right, they Can't Remember a Fu*ing Thing! These, and many many more hilarious acronyms can be at your disposal when you spend a few pennies on this great eBook.

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