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Career Analysis

This service is one, as you may be aware, that tries its best to co-ordinate and match clients' qualifications and needs with those of specific jobs and careers, to provide a harmonious and accurate fit for both parties.

You programme clients' details into the computer which then matches the client with all the different jobs that are in the database. The bigger and more comprehensive the database, the better and the more likely of finding accurate matches or at least several potentially interesting positions. Or, if the client has a specific job in mind, then you can look for jobs that match rather than vice-versa.

Most people need this service at some stage of their life either once or perhaps on a repeated and ongoing basis.

You can advertise anywhere job hunters might see the ad. Try the local and national papers and magazines, job centre notice boards, libraries and gyms and sports recreational centres and so on - again, wherever you think people might look for a job.

You could create your own programme or buy one, and start matching!

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