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Certificate Design

Many, many people require good quality certificates these days. This could be for a whole host of reasons. Many organisations require a great deal each year for all sorts of reasons, also schools, colleges - in fact anywhere that gives any sort of reward or recognition to something - will need a supply of decent certificates. These could be from simple paper ones mass produced, to good quality, ornate and decorated personally printed ones. It all depends on the requisite need of the potential employer.

So, potential customers here are those such as colleges, schools, training centres, universities, societies, sports clubs and so on.

You simply need a word processor, a good quality printer, or if you really want to go for it, a complete desktop publishing system. It is best to start small - perhaps doing work for your local tennis club or gym that you are a member of, and then pitching for bigger projects so that you have people to vouch for you. Also word of mouth will help spread this, and you could soon have a nice little side line producing certificates for the great and the good.

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