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Computer Money - Introduction

Everyone has a computer these days, or so it seems. Computers are great for a good many things - writing letters, checking email, using the internet. They are a great way of learning and finding things out, and a good source of enjoyment for a good many people. Their uses are many and varied.

But this powerful tool can also be used to earn you your living. How do you go about doing this? Stories abound and it is difficult to know what sort of thing stands a chance of making you some money. Well here are some ideas that should serve you well. It might be a good idea to concentrate on a couple, or just one - find the one that appeals to you the most and decide how to go about pursuing it. You won't be able to concentrate correctly on 5 or so of these, so you must dismiss that idea straight away.

Outlined below are ten ideas that you can develop a successful business from. Brief details about each are given. Care has been taken not to give too much detail, as that could result in your resultant business being too stove-piped. Instead, it is best to brainstorm a few of the ideas below, and see where your relative strengths and weaknesses lie. If one of the ideas particularly seems to suit your skill set and interests, then you should then have a second brainstorm, and work out what particular spin you can put on the business to make it different.

For example, you could decide to beat competitors on price:- make thousands of certificates in advance and sell them cheaper. Or, perhaps you will be a customer service champion and reply to all requests for your product within 24 hour and offer full online support, and so people will come to you because of your great service. Or again, perhaps you will come up with a novel twist on one of the below, and that will be your unique selling point. Whatever you decide, we hope that you find the below of interest and that they inspire you to develop a business of your own. Remember, you can start as small as you like, but the sky could be your limit! Good luck!

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