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Computer Training

As you use your computer more and more, the experience makes you so proficient. Remember the first time that you used a computer? Perhaps you were slightly afraid of it and what it could and couldn't do.

The first few times that you engage in a new pursuit it can be nerve-wracking since the confidence and knowledge is lacking at the time.

And as you have now undoubtedly used a computer quite a lot, you will be quite confident with it. If not, then this one may not be for you unless you train yourself up.

But if you consider yourself fairly knowledgeable in such matters, and we know that many of you do, then there is definitely a potential here.

You could well provide basic core training on computers and how to use them effectively to people, either individually or on a group basis: employees, students, first time users and really wherever you think there might be a market.

Or, you could be less of a generalist and specialise in certain areas - here you would be looking to offer your services to businesses, perhaps installing systems and so on, and perhaps also teaching staff how to use equipment. There are all sorts of potential customers, and as you get more experienced and involved, you many find that your interests diversify and you consequently pursue different lines.

If you are really successful, you might even take on more staff to cope with all the work that comes your way.

With regard to advertising, you could here try trade and business journals, direct mail, computer magazine adverts and anywhere you think you might best be able to reach people that would like to avail themselves of your service - again this varies with the sort of service that you are looking to offer initially.

With regard to personal skills, remember that you are going to have to interface with the people that utilise your service. As a consequence of this fact, it is advisable that you are confident, good at explaining things, patient and friendly.

If so word of mouth will no doubt be a great asset to the development of your business and the use of your computer skills to make you money.

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