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Dating Agencies

You may well be surprised at how big a business this area is. And it is growing all the time. It is huge. Millions of people will have contact with some sort of 'artificial' way of meeting people at some stage of their life. It is particularly used in countries like America and this has spread to Europe.

Look in magazines - see how many adverts for dating agencies or introductory agencies there are out there. And of course there is the old classic personals sections of the local paper with indecipherable codes and acronyms describing each person and their desired partner.

Computer dating is now a big thing and has really progressed the market. Computers match up potential suited partners with their powerful searches and large databases. They are becoming more and more popular, and more and more used as a result of this.

If you don't want to put clients in contact with each other, then you could try simply listing all clients and distributing the complete list to members on a regular basis.

But how do you go about getting clients in the first instance? Well you could work on a small, local basis or a national or, if you like, even international basis! Advertise in local magazines and papers, holiday magazines, women’s magazines and so on - wherever you think there is a market to be tapped into essentially.

Depending on the market you are aiming at, you could also try adult magazines or web sites and the like, another market that is growing all of the time.

All you will really need is a printer for newsletters - though these can be done by email now of course, depending on the service that you offer and who your clients are.

If you wish to arrange actual meetings between individuals in a safe environment then of course you will need meeting rooms of some sort that are safe and secure, of course.

You will also need to devise some way of matching people successfully - either by hand or on a computer system; this can be purchased or commissioned or if you feel confident enough, you can always do it yourself. The choice is yours.

This is the sort of business that can snowball - as soon as people know that you have a good deal of people on your books they are likely to sign-up, they want a large range of people to potentially meet - their future spouse is bound to be among their number - hence once you have got the first hundred or so people you should find things can really go skyward from there. Everyone's happy!

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