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1000 Atkins Recipes

Are you on the famous Atkins Diet or thinking of going on it?

If you are on it then you may know it can be difficult to come up with new recipes and you tend to stick to the same meals day in, day out.

And on the Atkins Diet, that's hard going!

This ebook is set to change that forever - it is packed full of delicious recipes

Would you like 1,000 Atkins Recipes?

Well, now you can. With so many meals to choose from it's hard to highlight a few, but meals include:

  • Bruschetta style tomato turkey salad
  • Old fashioned coleslaw
  • Crispy snapper and shrimp balls
  • Cheeseburger quiche: has to be tried!
  • Chicken mushroom dijon

Every recipe comes complete with full ingredients and clear instructions on how to prepare each recipe.

So, if you are serious about the Atkins diet and using it to help you lose weight; then this is the ebook for you.

Plus! Buy today and get these free:

Yes, if you purchase your copy of the 1000 Atkins Diet Recipes today, you will receive not one but TWO freebies:

  • Detailed Carb Counter: list for many foods so you know exactly how much carbs are in each food
  • PLUS a detailed written guide to the Atkins Diet: why, how it works and the science behind it - fascinating reading

So... simply click below to order the Atkins Diet Recipes now and receive these three fantastic eBooks now...

Click the button below to own this great guide for the incredible price of just $3 (US Dollars).

Sorry - product not currently available whilst new e-books are brought online!

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