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Hypnosis For Beginners

Hypnosis and hypnotism is something that has fascinated humanity for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Popularised by stage performers who could seemingly get people to do things at will, hypnosis is now respectable and in the mainstream.

Many celebrities and ordinary people swear by hypnotherapy to help them overcome all sorts of problems or habits; for instance to give up smoking.

For most of us though, what hypnosis is and how it works remains a mystery. Now that's changed with this fantastic guide on

Hypnosis and how to get started in hypnotism

The book covers all sorts of things with over 70 pages filled with details, techniques and practical examples including:

  • How to activate hypnosis
  • How to explore the imagination
  • Posthypnotic suggestions explained
  • Rapport
  • Resistance
and much more besides.

So if you want to know how hypnosis works and how to hypnotise yourself or others, then this is the ebook for you.

And you can get hold of this fascinating ebook packed full of details on this subject right now for the low, low price of just:

Click the button below to own this great guide for the incredible price of just $3 (US Dollars).

Sorry - product not currently available whilst new e-books are brought online!

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