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Letter Writing

There are a good deal of people out there that don't like writing letters. Perhaps their grasp of English is not that good, or they are just out of practice or not confident, for whatever reason, at letter writing. But perhaps you are?

If you can, you could start a service writing to individual's needs, or simply use the standard letter form on a word processor to create a great deal of standard letters. You can write letters for various occasions - the limit being your imagination and the need of your clients - from birthdays, success in exams or life events, Christmas, Easter, special occasions and so on.

Potential customers: parents, children, individuals - anyone that could need a letter written! With respect to advertising, you could try selected magazines and publications. Local papers, magazines, especially at times like Christmas could be very productive - let the kids write to Santa via you and send them a copy of the letter!

Also you could try college newspapers and tap into the market of producing CV and job application letters.

Of course, the only things you need here are the ability to write a good, objective letter, and a good quality printer and access to decent paper.

Hence a laser printer and good word processor would be ideal, allowing you to produce professional looking letterheads.

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