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Number Plates

There is a large amount of business that can be done in this particular niche - many people dream of having that special, personalised number plate to set them apart from the masses of people with ordinary, non-customised number plates. They enjoy the status that can be brought by a nice, special plate.

Of course, rules and regulations concerning purchase and sale of number plates are in place, however they are straightforward and details can be obtained from your local Vehicle Licensing Authority.

So, you know that there is a business here. But how do you come into it? What is your potential 'in' to the market? Well, essentially you need to be abreast of what is happening and monitor details on computer. Details are regularly distributed to known plate buyers, and sometimes to those identified as having a potential interest in a certain plate. Or, the list could be taken from a local newspaper advert.

You can advertise the plate numbers themselves in larger magazines. Or act as an agent between buyer and seller, taking a fee from each for listing their goods and providing regular printouts.

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