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Safe Facilities

This one is quite simple. If you have a strong fire-proof, burglar-proof safe then this one could be for you. A disk storage service does exactly that. Disks are picked up regularly to the clients specific needs.

All computer users, or practically all, are potential customers of such a service, virtually all of us have important data of one sort or another that we can't really afford to lose, or at least not without great frustration and inconvenience in the process.

So you can advertise in a great many locations here - computer magazines being an obvious place to start, but also in business journals and the like, national newspapers, and larger potential clients like banks if you think you have the capacity to deal with their potentially large and regular requirements in this area.

If this area is something you are interested in, then you can set up a tidy little business. Keep track of your customers and what you have been given on a good computer database. You might even like to advertise on the internet - which can often reach a large, good market for little or no price.

So your computer is essential even here!

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