XCHANGE TRADER METHOD - Change the way you bet on horses forever!!!

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XCHANGE TRADER METHOD - Change the way you bet on horses forever!!!


My clients are making fortunes from this very simple trading method, and will do the same for you. I strongly advise you to read the contents very carefully indeed. You must then purchase this method immediately.
The 'Xchange Trader Method provides:


This is the ultimate licence to print money. It does not get any better than this. You can WIN £100's per RACE! By following my simple methods.



July, 2006
From:  martin cowlishaw
Author "Xchange Trader Method"

"Discover my secret, & very simple, Betting Exchange trading method to make you BIG money"

That's right! I am willing to show you how you could make EASILY £100's per RACE for just a few hours work, by trading on the 'Exchanges', and you keep all the cash you earn. Furthermore, YOU DO NOT NEED A MASSIVE BANK! Yes! that's right, from as little as a few pounds could turn into £000's in no time!

Best of all, YOU will NOT have to pay me a SINGLE PENNY! 

If you can spare just A FEW minutes, I promise to tell you how you can turn those few minutes into an outstanding money making machine that will leave you AMAZED.

I make money. It's just a modest average of over £2000 per month, yet I only have to work a few hours per day - the rest of my time is my own. The really good news is that if you apply the same simple method on the exchanges, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot do the same.


I can easily make £500 + per week - for few hours work.

Let me show YOU how to do the same and become a successful and PROFITABLE betting exchange trader!

"Just Imagine for a few seconds what it would be like not to have to wake up early in the mornings again, but to wake up at YOUR leisure and make more money than you can earn by working for a living "

This method WORKS and is so simple to run, literally anyone can do it; EVEN YOUR GRANNY COULD DO IT! ...... ALMOST! .

You don't need to know anything about horse racing or special skills to start. All you need is the Betfair basics of backing and laying. You can operate it from anywhere, its cheap to run and you can profit from your very first day.

You will be amazed by its simplicity.

I will SHOW you how to make a wealthy living through following my simple few STEP-BY-STEP instructions with the exchanges and the guidance contained in the XCHANGE TRADER METHOD

 You now have a truly rare opportunity to


Have you ever been told there is no way to make money from betting exchanges?
Well, I know plenty of people who look at it the same way. And you know how many of them make anything from betting exchanges? Not one.

I now work most days from home, no more getting up at the crack of dawn to go and scrape ice from my car, no more sitting in traffic 10 hours a week, no more working in a dead end office job as a wage slave, working my nuts off to make someone else wealthy.
I don't do that anymore. Now I get up at a reasonable time at my leisure and then go out to purchase my morning newspaper and then go to log on my computer, go online to the Racing Post website. This will then give me an idea of how much money I'm going to make. Then I log onto the Betting Exchange and in a few minutes to confirm my up and coming bets for the day. If you call that "work" then that's me pretty much done for the day.
This may sound like a dream, but it really isn't. Take it from me, I've been there.

I've been researching and testing all sorts of horse racing information and systems for the better part of 20 years. I want to show you this very simple but effective trading method that now enables me to make a comfortable income from the betting exchanges.

"You don't have to waste your money on half-baked, pie-in-the-sky gambling systems or tips anymore. Trust me when I say I've already done that for you!"

XCHANGE TRADER METHOD - Change the way you bet on horses forever!!!



That is the position you can be in!

This is YOUR opportunity to use a horse racing trading system that aims NEVER to lose.

This proven, money-making method is based on you not having to worry about trying to back winners every race!

"If you've ever dreamt of turning yourself from a punter into a professional exchanger on the horses then you owe it to yourself NOT to let this chance slip through your hands".

Hundreds of thousands of pounds are traded each day on race favourites via UK Betting Exchanges such as BETFAIR, and BETDAQ. The majority of regular punters are backing the favourites as they represent their best chances of finding winners. However, we all know that favourites get beaten, and statistically only 1 in 3 favourites win; ever!

After months and months of research testing and checking, I developed a very simple trading method and things started to become a little clearer. Now I am able to go through even the shortest priced horses, including the 'odds-on' certs, in any given day and predict the excellent WINNING opportunities that will come my way, to WIN bundles of cash!!!

My new ebook will cover the simple step by step processes of backing and laying on the exchanges, showing YOU real life examples of Betfair races to prove my simple method ACTUALLY WORKS!


"Martin. First two bets i won. i am using small money but profit is the name of the game. After saying all that martin i am very pleased with your system, i know i will lose but has you say in the long run i think you put me on to a winner. Great stuff martin! Thank you very much! I feel a bit of a fool to dought you in the first place. All is well here martin. thanks!"

Fri. 14th July. Eddie, eire


Remember - I've spent years looking for methods to profit from horse racing. Now you can have all this knowledge without the hassle as I've done the donkey work for you. What's more, I've gone out of my way to make it all as clear, concise, and easy-to-understand as possible. This "XCHANGE TRADER METHOD" could easily sell for £500, and that would be great value. But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. Not even half price!

Act immediately for Special Introductory Price!

For the next 50 copies ONLY the price for this money making XCHANGE TRADER METHOD is just £39.95, (Approx. $70). After which, it will be £299.00

"I fully expect you to recoup that cost in your first days trading, depending on your stakes, or in no time at all AND start making serious profits".

And to prove to you what really great value this information is, I'm even prepared to
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  • Winning Investment Strategy for Flat racing.
  • 'Headgear' system for Flat racing.
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Super bonus # 7

  • "NH Racing System"- VALUE £99.00
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  • Consistent profits made at Starting Prices.
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Q.Why are you selling your Xchange Trader method?

A. I take great pleasure in assisting the average punter in beating the bookies and knowing that i can help you make money from this fantastic sport. My TRADING METHOD will not change the prices of afffect the results in anyway. Otherwise, I would not share this information.

Q. Why should I buy from you?

A. Good question, and one that I would certainly ask when purchasing info like this.
Unlike many systems on offer, my methods are original, profitable, and I am the author. I do not hide behind any false names, and have been online since 2000. I run an independant website at www.turfagent.co.uk where I answer any questions my visitors may have, and my testimonials are from genuine sources.

Q. Will this method work for me?

A. Anyone with an internet connection and basic knowledge of the exchanges can start making money using my method and techniques I describe. What's more, you'll be having fun at the same time!

Q. Do I need a lot of money to start?

A. No, although the profit potential will be greater from a larger bank you can start from any size betting bank.


Order today and start PROFITING from the XCHANGE TRADER METHOD now! This special offer only available for 10 days! Price after this week will be £299.00 !!

To make payment with your DEBIT or CREDIT card, click on PAYPAL link below. You will receive your Xchange Trader Method via email by return. Bonuses within 24 Hrs.


On receipt of your payment you will receive your E-BOOK download via EMAIL,(PDF file)


Forget fancy software programs; This gem of a method is unique, very, very simple, and 'screaming value' at just £39.95, to make long term big PROFITS!


GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with my 'Xchange Trader Method'  e-book for any reason, then you can rest assured that you are protected by Clickbank's guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied in any way with 'Xchange Trader Method', then simply contact me within 8 weeks / 56 days of purchase, and I will issue you a prompt refund.  (Please give the method a good test - No refunds will be given within the 1st week of purchase!)

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise. I'm convinced that my e-book will give you years of profitable success, so what are you waiting for?

30 day guarantee if the Xchange Trader Method does not work


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