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100 Acronyms for Work Survival

Monday morning... five long days of work ahead. It's a depressing thought, right? But now you can cheer yourself up by equipping yourself with our side-splittingly amusing Guide: 100 Acronyms for Work Survival. This guide contains 100 acronyms which accurately cover every situation and individual you could ever hope (or hope not) to encounter in the work environment.

Do you know an ARSE at work? That is an Arrogant Rich Sarcastic Executive? Or perhaps your boss makes you do all the work because he or she is CRAFTy - that's right, they Can't Remember a Fu*ing Thing! These, and many many more hilarious acronyms can be at your disposal when you spend a few pennies on this great eBook.

We have put much time, energy and research into coming up with something that, put simply, will make you laugh and help you get through the day at work. Cheer yourself up by working out which acronym best fits each of your colleagues.

Perhaps you could even share the guide with your friends, if you're feeling generous, then amuse each other by describing people you know at work in a knowing manner using the acronyms contained in this hilarious guide!

The acronyms in this guide are very amusing and best of all the whole thing is FREE, so laugh your way through the following:

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